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About BioGrid Australia

BioGrid Australia Limited operates a federated data sharing platform for collaborative translational health and medical research providing a secure infrastructure that advances health research by linking privacy-protected and ethically approved data among a wide network of health collaborators.  BioGrid links real-time coded (i.e. with personal identifiers removed) health data across institutions, jurisdictions and diseases to assist researchers and clinicians improve their research and clinical outcomes. The web-based infrastructure provides ethical access while protecting both privacy and intellectual property.


In 2009 BioGrid became an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with deductible gift recipient status. It's members are health services, universities and research institutes represented by 40 institutions representing 79 sites across every Australian state and the ACT. This legal and ethical arrangement with participating collaborators allows BioGrid to connect data through a common platform where data governance and access is managed by a highly skilled team. 


Data governance, security and ethics are at the core of BioGrid’s federated data sharing platform that securely links patient level clinical, biospecimen, genetic and imaging data sets across multiple sites and diseases for the purpose of medical research. BioGrid’s infrastructure and data management strategies address the increasing need by authorised researchers to dynamically extract and analyse data from multiple sources whilst protecting patient privacy.


"Amongst the biggest problems that investigators face are data collection, data storage, data analysis, statistical analysis of data. A second order of problems is concerned with ethics and privacy and the amazing thing about BioGrid is that it addresses all those things.”
Sir Gustav Nossal, Professor Emeritus, Department of Pathology, The University of Melbourne


As health research and planning becomes more complex, the need for collaboration significantly increases. BioGrid’s web-based infrastructure has the capacity to uniquely identify and ethically integrate real-time data collected about a patient across multiple institutions. BioGrid has the capability to link data with other datasets, produce tailored reports for auditing and reporting and provide statistical analysis tools to conduct more advanced research analysis.


In the health sector, BioGrid is a trusted independent virtual real-time data repository. Government investment in BioGrid has facilitated a combination of technology, collaboration and ethics approval processes for data sharing that exist nowhere else in the world.


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